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 with couples counsellor Jacquelyn Pratt

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Affairs: Couple Counselling can help!

Helping couples recover from affairs is approximately half of my workload.

Whether you're on the receiving end of a full-blown affair, an emotional betrayal, or a foolish "indiscretion", it's normal to feel a mixture of hurt, anger, and betrayal.

It can take some time for these feelings to go away, especially if your partner is unsupportive.

I provide a safe place where you can both begin to come to terms with what has happened, and begin to feel as if there is hope for recovery.

I help the spouse who has suffered the affair to begin to express their feelings openly, and I help to make sure they feel heard and understood by their partner.

In addition to helping the spouse who has had the affair understand how it really is for their partner, I also help them come to terms with their own feelings.

I help explore ways to rebuild trust, and have a look at what - if anything - was wrong before the affair happened.

I help couples begin to rebuild their relationship, and to repair their relationship in the aftermath of the affair.

Choosing the right counsellor

You need a counsellor who has the courage and experience to deal with this type of work.

Often, the person who had the affair says "Let's move on", or "Let's put it behind us". I help couples to avoid making this mistake, and to face up to the tasks necessary for recovery. Research shows that many counsellors avoid this essential work.

I will keep you both on track, and help you avoid the fatal trap of allowing the affair to be "Swept under the carpet". An affair pushed under the carpet will always come back later to cause trouble.

Although recovering from an affair can be quite difficult, it is definitely "do-able". A good counsellor will help you make a quick start to your recovery, and keep you on track while you do it.