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 with couples counsellor Jacquelyn Pratt

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Arguing? Couple Counselling can help!

Almost half of the people who come to see me are coming because of serious arguing.

This is described in various ways, like "We are always fighting" or "We just don't get on". It can also be linked to the arrival of a new baby, emptying of the nest, or other significant event.

I can help, fast.

I explore the background to arguments, i.e. the dynamics of what's really going on.

Together, we will identify the destructive cycle that has emerged, and begin to restore communication within the relationship.

I am always studying the latest research into arguing, and I use this knowledge in ways that relate directly to your problems.

And baby makes three

A large part of my work is helping couples deal with arguments following the arrival of a new baby. Research shows that around 50% of couples experience a serious drop in marital satisfaction after the arrival of a new baby.

Anti-arguing strategies

I teach simple techniques to stop arguing and start communicating.

One of these is the "speaker/listener" technique which teaches empathy, and BREAKS the destructive arguing patterns that are causing your distress.

Stop suffering today: Call now for a brief consultation. It's free!