Glasgow Couple Counselling

 with couples counsellor Jacquelyn Pratt

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Glasgow Couple Counselling

Do you have problems in your relationship or marriage? Do you want to start feeling better, soon? If so, Couple Counselling can help.

Couple Counselling is a calm place where it's easy to talk about your difficulties, and where you and your partner will feel better understood by each other.

You can talk about your problems without contradiction or interruption, and without a 'fight' starting.

Couple counselling leads to better understanding and communication, and improves the quality of your relationship.

Couple Counselling helps with:

Fast Facts:

Many people approaching a counsellor for the first time are unsure how to proceed. It's easy - just call for a short, no-obligation consultation to see if counselling is the right thing for you.

By the end of that call, you'll know if you want to go ahead with couple counselling, and I'll be able to say whether or not I can help you. It's that simple, and you can usually start within a few days.


"Thank you for your help! We didn't know what to expect and didn't want to be here, but counselling has given us hope for our relationship"